customer loyalty in action

your mobile app provides direct access to your special offers and services, and is designed to meet your users’ multiple expectations. now, and once your app has been downloaded, your priority is to activate each user, to develop their attachment and repeat use.

but how?

the concept is simple: actions, points and gifts!





app’s miles® offers you a comprehensive platform for user activation! we will guide you from A to Z, helping you to design and build a customer loyalty programme which reflects your image, embedded directly in your mobile app, to recognize your users with small but frequent rewards.


each time a user opens your app, a pop-up will present them with a challenge. for each mission they complete, they will earn a certain number of points, depending on their level of engagement and the type of action.

DATA complete my profile
FREQUENCY open the app 3 times during the month
DEPTH explore a service
REVENUE make a purchase
SOCIAL share the app


those points can be exchanged directly in your app, by choosing from the catalogue of gifts managed by app’s miles®.





app’s miles® provides you with a fully configurable, brandable gamification platform which is 100% customizable and 100% GDPR compliant.

a dedicated account manager will support you and help you to define:

  • the actions you want to promote (types);
  • the user journey (level by level and step by step);
  • the rewards you will offer at each level;
  • occasional activation campaigns to boost frequency of use;

… and you can then adapt your programme to your users by adding your own segmentation (rules and filters).

added bonuses: your app rewards each user action and incentivizes your customers to come back more often.

use cases


Closer renforce la fréquence d’utilisation de ses lecteurs et lectrices avec app’s miles®.

multi-channel programme

PagesJaunes develops cooperation from its mobile and web users.


Orange Ivory Coast increases its revenue with app’s miles®.

show me how it works!

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