get your users in the game!

do you have a very rich app, but your users don’t take advantage of all its features?

get them to play with it!

the concept: with each visit, offer a series of challenges allowing them to progress from level to level (with or without gifts).



gamification helps users to explore the app by creating specific journeys for each type of customer.



those journeys are created around a set of predefined actions divided between multiple levels. like with any game, the more the user advances, the more engaging the proposed actions will be. you can (but don’t have to 😉) offer special benefits for each new level attained.



app’s miles® provides you with a fully configurable, brandable gamification platform which is 100% customizable and 100% GDPR compliant.

a dedicated account manager will support you and help you to define:

  • the actions you want to promote (types);
  • the user journey (level by level and step by step);
  • the rewards you will offer at each level;
  • occasional activation campaigns to boost frequency of use;

… and you can then adapt your programme to your users by adding your own segmentation (rules and filters).

added bonuses: games allow you to guide your customers, step by step, deeper into your app. this is the best way to help them discover related functionalities and to encourage your users to self-segment: am I a beginner, an expert, or already an ambassador? gamification also lets you adapt your universes based on the context, the season and your sales operations.
lastly, special operations are opportunities to create events for one-off boosts of app use: campaigns, prize draws by level, etc.

use cases


Citroën gamifies its mobile app in France, Italy, Germany and Spain.


Monoprix guides users to explore its app and promotes its functionalities.


Max gamifies its mobile app and segments its users.

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