activation: for which cases?

do you have lots of sales operations and want to boost traffic on your mobile app over a given period of time?

app’s miles® can set up one-off activation campaigns for you.

the concept:
your customers are invited to participate in challenges, day after day and week after week, which will allow them to engage with your sales operations.

app’s miles® gives you all the tools you need to organize your occasional challenges and contacts, directly in your mobile app, in connection with your sales operations or events.

once a contest has been launched, we will deliver new messages in your mobile app, manage new incentives to participate and measure the impact. and, as always, all the data, participation statistics and engagement rates will be fed into your own dashboards.

a dedicated account manager will guide you from A to Z:

  • design;
  • actions to perform;
  • contest rules;
  • in-app communications;
  • prizes;
  • random draws;
  • announcement of results;
  • and even the logistics of your rewards 🙂

some concrete examples :

objectives examples of challenges prize draw
boost the frequency of use – perform more actions in the app
– earn all the badges
– between anyone who performed a specific action X times over a given period of time
boost engagement – be the 1st to perform a specific action
– reach level X
– earn Y badges, buy €Z worth of goods, etc.
– lottery amongst all registered users (with chances of winning increased by level, e.g. level 5 = 5 entries)
– between users at a particular level
boost average page depth – create egg hunts
– find the 10 “winning” tags
– earn all the badges
– between anyone who performed a specific action over a given period of time
boost registrations – earn 1 point for each field – between all “100%” registered users

added bonuses: the app’s miles® platform allows you to enable/disable your tags remotely and serve targeted in-app communications with the display of interstitials which can be administrated remotely. and, as the icing on the cake: your campaign is ready to launch in just three weeks: let’s have fun!

use cases


Allianz entrusts app’s miles® with activating customers in its mobile app.


Casino organizes a one-off contest to develop a user reflex of checking the app.


Cdiscount tests gamified activation to strengthen in-app customer engagement.

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