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31 August 2018

after building loyalty, it’s time for gamification!

Citroën offers personalized services to all its drivers in the app, My Citroën. the app lets users view their maintenance plans, make appointments, contact support, categorize a trip, geolocate a dealership, and so on.

from March 2017 to July 2018, app’s miles® activated My Citroën users through a customer loyalty programme. for each action they completed, the programme gave users points which they could then exchange for partner rewards.

after more than a year of testing this type of activation, app’s miles® and Citroën decided to test the newest activation programme: “gamification”!

what is gamification?

this new solution also guides users to explore the app, but in this case it does so by featuring a special navigation path.

at each level, users unlock a series of specific actions to be performed before reaching the next level. little by little, the programme guides them in their exploration and mastery of the app. this helps them to quickly advance from beginners to experts.

in parallel, they can unlock trophies in recognition of their frequency of use of the app.

in short, this solution drives users to explore all of an app’s functionalities and encourages their repeat use of the app.

gamification of My Citroën:

the app’s miles® gamification SDK has been embedded in the French version of My Citroën since early August and will be integrated with the German, Italian and Spanish versions by the end of September.

discover the gamification SDK’s user journey in the My Citroën France app:

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