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8 February 2019

customer acquisition with app’s miles®: key figures


app’s miles® is the leading brandable activation platform for boosting the use of mobile apps.


the idea is to recognize customers/users with small but frequent rewards for all their in-app actions:


actions = points = rewards


our team negotiates the rewards via trade marketing, presents those options to our partner clients the likes of PagesJaunes, Kaporal and Closer, adds them to their rewards catalogues and performs monthly monitoring of their distribution.




results from the last six months:


2 million users

150 rewards distributed monthly


with a conversion rate of:


cosmetic ____ high-tech ____ food-conversion
cosmetics high tech groceries


HOW ABOUT YOU? do you want to acquire new customers and improve your e-commerce site’s conversion rate? offer coupons, promo codes and exclusive deals in our partner clients’ rewards catalogues.


remember: it’s free for you,
so contact us!


here are some ideas of what you might offer:

percent __ discount percentages are very successful when the percentage is high (40%, 50%, etc.). but be aware: a discount of just 10% or 15% is not seen as a real reward.
euro-coupon __

discounts of € amounts are very effective with customers: they feel like they are losing money if they don’t use these.

truck-delivery __ free shipping increases your site’s conversion rate and incentivizes customers to place an order. why not take advantage of it?
giftbox __ free gifts can be used to increase average purchase amounts or get rid of inventory.
subscribe __ free trial subscriptions can serve to recruit new customers.

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app’s miles® got new customers for:


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