app's miles®

motivate and reward


app’s miles® boosts your app’s usage



the traffic to your mobile app

by reaching 100%

of your visitors rather than the 2% who are converted

and nudging them

toward more profitable actions (visits, registration, sharing, purchases, feedback, etc.)



to make visiting your mobile app an automatic reflex

with gifts

& gift cards that can be used directly from a cell phone

and retain

all of the customers in touch with your brand: before, during and after the purchase process


our technical team

supports you in the installation of our SDK

our marketing experts

guides you in setting up your animation campaign

your account manager

creates your campaigns, analyzes them and then returns you the results

app’s miles® in the nutshell !

our satisfied clients

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how does it work on the customer’s end?


the customer accumulates points on its smartphone interacting with your app



the customer accrues more points with each new action: completion of a form, creation of an account, sharing on social networks, etc.


the customer immediately exchanges their points for gifts: an in-store deal, a gift card, or a coupon that can be used directly from their cell phone


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how does it work on the company’s end?


our iOS & Android off-the-shelf SDK


it from your back office in SaaS mode


customers by awarding points for every profitable action


visitors by frequently offering gifts


winner in the loyalty category silver medal mobile marketing semi-finalist south west area  finalist in the start-up category  3e lauréat du Trophée du Marketeur 2016 finaliste catégorie CRM & E-CRM

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